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Meet Dave Delaney

Dave Delaney is a graduate of Boston College High School ('87), Boston College (B.A. Economics '91), and Marquette University Law School (J.D. 1994). Dave was admitted to the Massachusetts and Wisconsin Bar in 1994-95 and has been a licensed Real Estate Broker in Massachusetts since 1997.

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Existing-home sales drop in March as high rates stun homebuyers

Existing-home sales retreated 4.3 percent between February and March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.19 million, according to data released Thursday by the National Association of Realtors.


Weeklong BoomTown outage was caused by hackers, CEO confirms

On Wednesday, executives told customers that a "security incident involving a malicious third party" caused the outage that has disrupted thousands of brokers and agents since last week.


Nimble powers up prospecting with PhoneBurner

Nimble, a CRM company, has integrated the features of phone call automation company PhoneBurner to enhance how users stay in touch with clients.


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